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ID 653431

Enoo Abamba

Abamba Enoo, Freelance web, mobile and ebook developer. Created mobile friendly websites, offline ebooks, and multimedia presentations

ID 571970


Valerie Kadiri, Human Resource Manager, Project Manager. Avid amateur blogger and culinary enthusiast

ID 615979

Udoka Chiefe

ID 586746

Tega Otojare

ID 482337

Enabulele Osakpamwan

Successful completion of ADNA WHP Topside Fabrication, Structural and Piping Integration Project (6 LEG JACKET) 260 TONS, ADNH 6WI Water Injection Platforms,

ID 645701

Ajetomobi Feranmi

Driven by creativity, uncoventional but submissive thinking and skill to develop local and growing brands against all odds towards a stage of global acceptance.

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